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Does this radio have a separate set button? If so, use the tuner to select a station for preset. Press the set button once, then press the preset button you want to use. It is very likely that the same preset button can be used for two stations. To do this, select another station, press the set button twice, then the preset button. In other words, the preset 1 button would be stations 1 and 7, if you have 6 buttons.You would press button 1 once for station 1, and twice for station 2(preset 7.) The seek button will advance to the next station with a broadcast signal strong enough to be read, and stop there. The scan button does the same thing, but will proceed automatically to the next station in a few seconds. The seek and scan buttons may also work to skip tracks on the cassette.
For the preset, you should be able to set 12 presets in FM, and 12 in AM.
OklahomaWolf is the resident expert on sound systems. Send him a PM with questions.
There is a listing in the black bar at the top of the page for "components." Hovering over that will open "stereos." You may find something useful there.
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