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I have a low-miles '94 Dakota SUV with all the black trim, so have had many bouts over the years trying to keep looking okay. Have tried all the versions of trim restorer and found them all weak in the area of staying black more than a month. Black on Black, like the other translucent treatments, hasn't worked for me.

Finally, I found on the Internet the Rustoleum product for restoring black trim and bumbers, have just tried it out, and find it working well. Applies a black sort of paint that has covered up the paint spill I got from applying new Rustoleum paint with a roller brush.

Advise that good preparation as with a paint job be followed, as over-spray is noticeable. Use paint adhesive with masking, not just being careful pointing can, which is to be like 10" away. And I found the coverage and density of the spray to be very acceptable. I cleaned up over-spray and hands with mechanics soap without a problem.

Still waiting to see how the Rustoleum black trim restorer holds up, but so far so good.
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