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Restored 1954 Imperial of Brazil

from Ony and Fernanda Coutinho

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After much dedication, sweat, joy and patience, we come to the day we have longed for, the restoration of the car is ready. I appreciate the cooperation of everyone who worked on this. The car now looks and works like it did when built in Brazil, over fifty years ago.

This Chrysler seems to be my last project, because life has changed dramatically, we no longer have the available cheap labor and resources we need to invest in restoration of the cars.

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There are 3 units in Brazil. I purchased this one from a great friend, is the largest collector and most passionate Chrysler guy on the planet, Hartwic Hellner, in Sao Paulo.

This Imperial belonged to the Embassy of Greece here in Rio de Janeiro. Hellner had two models, one of whom was his brother's until he stopped the restoration after a marital separation. Hellner then kept this for years on his farm, until one day, convinced me to stay with the model.

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It took me about seven years, working with great application, since this model is the only Imperial in Rio de Janeiro. Several friends and the Hellner Veteran Car Club of Brazil - RJ supported me all the time. Mr. Hellner kindly lent me the bible of Chrysler (catalog shop manual).

It was my first restoration using the Internet and was successful. All for one. Dave Duricy of DeSotoland, a buddy, always helping Chrysler worldwide via its website, was always present. As the world's car enthusiasts build friendships around the world. We are all to be congratulated. Let's toast the achievement. The Imperial is a reality. Congratulations to Allpar, for their information content on all Chrysler.

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My blog is

I offer this restoration to you for friendship and affection we have for everyone. This friendship, cemented and consolidated, over the past 40 years. The dream became reality.

The Imperial was ready.

Toast! A big hug.

- Ony and Fernanda

Help was provided by Manoel (Painter), Daniel (Mechanical), Louie (Lanterneiro), Luizinho (mechanic - The Wizard), Sergio Coma (Copoteiro), Nelson Cintra ( Garage Rua Ceará), Américo (Lanterneiro), Santos Carioca (Electrician), Nildo Braga (Lemonade Man), Fernando Pereira (Chroming), Dave Duricy (Technical support), Mario Poet (Electrician), and Jarbas (Painter).

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Chrysler 1904-2018

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