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Return of the Shaker Hood: Challenger R/T Shaker and Mopar '14

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Over four decades ago, Chrysler launched cars with its first "shaker" hoods. Eschewing nonfunctional hood scoops, engineers fashioned a hood scoop that sat right atop the air cleaner, and emerged through a hole in the hood. Because performance engines with hot cams shook at idle, they called it a "shaker hood" - you could see the scoop moving with the engine (the photo is from a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 "six-pack").

In November 2013, Mopar announced the return of the shaker hood, on the 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker and Mopar '14 Challenger. The Shaker cars have an engine-mounted scoop and exposed conical high-flow element for real cold-air induction. The package has weather sealing, with hoses set up to carry away any water that might get in through the seal.

The Shaker has a black center-mounted hood scoop, snorkeling up from the engine compartment, which directs cooler air into the HEMI® V-8 engine. Like the original 1970 Challenger R/T with the Shaker hood, the new 2014 model continues the Dodge tradition of an engine-mounted hood scoop that shakes with the powertrain's movement, though one has to floor the gas to make it shake (or loosen the engine mounts, which we do not recommend). That's the price we pay for tight engine mounts and well-tuned, well-balanced engines with sequential fuel injection.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Automotive design

With the Mopar modifications, the 5.7 liter engine has been pushed to produce over 400 lb-ft of torque. Automotive News pointed out that Mopar's engineering staff has been greatly increased, from a low of eight engineers under Cerberus to over thirty now, dedicated to specific brands. That may have made the 2014 Shaker versions of the Dodge Challenger R/T possible. (The package is only available on the R/T, with the 5.7 Hemi; the SRT version is not included.)

2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker

The Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker includes a driver-selectable sport-mode powertrain calibration, tuned suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and the Super Track Pak. Available on other Challengers as well, Super Track Pack includes high-performance steering gear, brake linings, and monotube shock absorbers; P245/45R20 Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Car three-season tires; and three-mode electronic stability control (ESC) with "full off" mode. All-season performance tires are a no-cost option.

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The satin black hood, roof, and deck-lid stripe graphics make the car even more visually distinctive; a satin black deck-lid spoiler provides added downforce for 155 mph max-speed runs. Rounding out the package are a body-color grille surround and glossy black fuel-filler door, with new 20 x 8-inch polished-face five-spoke aluminum wheels. These have black pockets and a satin matte clear coat.

For those who don't know what's inside, there are Shaker badges on both sides of the hood scoop, Hemi fender badges, and a new classic-script Challenger grille badge. Inside, drivers have a unique three-spoke flat-bottom leather-wrapped performance steering wheel with black accent finish. A new "K-Black" instrument panel and center-console bezel correspond with the numbered dash plaque and door bolsters with graduated accent stitching. High-performance front seats with aggressive bolsters are covered in premium Nappa leather (dark slate gray with sepia accent stitching, or "Radar Red" with matching stitching, with the "Shaker" logo embroidered on the seat back and unique graduated horizontal plow-throughs).

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Center console

The center console armrest is also leather wrapped and finished with accent thread; the aluminum pistol-grip shifter is mated to a track-proven Tremec six-speed manual transmission, though those who want the performance-tuned five-speed automatic can get a black leather-wrapped shift-knob with die-cast paddle shifters on the back of the steering wheel.

The new 2014 Challenger R/T Shaker will arrive at Dodge dealerships in the first quarter of 2014, starting at $36,995 ($37,495 with hood-to-tail stripes), just $2,500 over the Challenger R/T Classic.

The car comes in Billet Silver Metallic, Bright White, Pitch Black, Plum Crazy, TorRed and vibrant Header Orange.

The Mopar '14

Only one hundred of the new limited-edition vehicles will be built, far fewer than past Mopar models (which have generally run to five hundred).

Taking the new Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker one step further, the Mopar '14 Challenger can be ordered with any combination of the three new "Scat Packages."

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Muscle car

The Mopar '14 Challenger breaks with past Mopar cars by having an option of bright white paint, rather than being black-only (glossy black is still available). The white version, with a retro-style stripe, gives a clean look and sets of the black Shaker hood. Both are highlighted by stripes in Mopar Blue; two other Mopar Blue stripe options are available, one with triple striple runs and "Mopar" across the doors; and a new A-line bodyside stripe that wraps over the deck lid, with the "M" logo on the rear quarter.

Thare are new 20 x 8-inch glossy black aluminum wheels with Mopar center caps, a "Black Vapor" grille surround, black fuel-filler door, and glossy black deck-lid spoiler with quarter-glass decals.

The interior is dark slate, with aggressively bolstered seats in black Nappa leather with Mopar-blue accent threads and logos. Buyers get a serialized dashboard plaque, Monroney label, and key fobs, along with a personalized owners' kit.

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Hood Grille

New factory customizing shops - literally within the factory - can add more accessories from the Mopar catalog. Plans are to have these added to the Monroney label, which would both authenticate them and allow them to be financed as part of the cost of the car. These include a short-throw shifter, cat-back exhaust, performance suspension, lowering springs, vehicle tracking system, badges, hood pin kit, door skill guards, sequential tail-light kit, floor or slush mats, chrome exhaust tip, fuel filler door, wheel locks, and interior trim bezel kit.

Also see: return of the Scat PackConcept cars of SEMA 2013

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When I punched in “Who made the first shaker hood scoop?” It can up as a 1970 Barracuda.
When in fact my 1969 Mach 1 Mustang had a shaker hood and my friend’s 1970 Torino Cobra also had one.
Sorry, Not trying too knock Chrysler but why did you site post that?

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When I punched in “Who made the first shaker hood scoop?” It can up as a 1970 Barracuda.
When in fact my 1969 Mach 1 Mustang had a shaker hood and my friend’s 1970 Torino Cobra also had one.
Sorry, Not trying too knock Chrysler but why did you site post that?
The article does not say these cars were the first with a shaker hood in 1970 from any manufacturer. It says Chrysler made their first shaker hood cars in 1970. Big difference.
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