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REU DVD read issue

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So yesterday they kids are watching a DVD on the rear screen and all the sudden it stopped and refused play. All other VES functions where fine as well. So changed DVDs that was no help, just would not play.

So later after the car sat for a few hours, I went too try it and all is well again??? And today seems to be playing just fine?

So my question, does heat have a negitive effect on these DVD players? In the 3 years I have the journey, never once have there been an issue in heat or otherwise and it gets hot around 115 is the summer.

Yesterday's temp was not very hot about 90 or so.
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Over-temperature can shut down the CD/DVD player. The only real way to tell if this is what actually happened would be to see if an 'overtemp' fault code is stored in the VES with the scan tool.
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