Last weekend, Gary Rhudy drove the black 2006 Dodge Magnum shown here down the quarter mile in just 8.439 seconds, resetting the world record for the quickest quarter mile time by one of the modern Mopar muscle wagons. Like so many Mopar track records, this record was set during a Modern Street Hemi Shootout, with the cool autumn air in Virginia lending to big power and incredible ETs.

If you are a regular reader here, if you follow the Modern Street Hemi Shootout or if you keep close track of the record-setting modern Mopars, Gary Rhudy is a name that you are likely to recognize. In addition to many wins in the MSHS in his bright red Challenger R/T, Rhudy came into this past weekend’s event at Virginia Motorsports Park already holding the record for the world’s quickest quarter mile time for a Dodge Magnum after running an 8.56 back in July .

This time, Rhudy hit the track with the Magnum owned by Nate Jenkins with some suspension tweaks, hoping to take advantage of the cool air and during a run against Josh King’s wicked twin turbo, Hemi-powered Plymouth Duster, the black wagon smashed its own record. On the run shown in the video below, Rhudy laid down an 8.439 at 160.33 miles per hour, pulling a 1.255 60-foot time and reaching the 8 th -mile marker in 5.398 seconds.

That 8.439 is the quickest quarter mile time ever run by a modern Dodge Magnum and in searching around online, I cannot find any example of a 1978-1978 Magnum 2-door running in the low 8s, so I believe that this wagon is the quickest car in the world to wear the  Dodge Magnum name.

The Modifications

This Magnum is powered by a 404-cubic inch Hemi built be BES and tuned by High Horse Performance. It is fitted with ThiTek cylinder heads, a custom camshaft from HHP, a ported 6.1 Hemi intake manifold and a ProCharger F1A94 supercharger. All of that blown Hemi power is channeled through a TH400 automatic transmission and a Driveshaft Shop 9-inch rearend, with a set of 275 Mickey Thompson tires on 15-inch wheels putting the power to the ground.

While there have obviously been some changes made to the curb weight of this car, it still has a track weight (with Gary Rhudy in the car) of 3,875 pounds, but at nearly two tons, it still gets down the track in a major hurry.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy the record setting run in the video below, featuring two of the monster Mopars from the Modern Street Hemi Shootout.

Images courtesy of Gary Rhudy