The rumor mill has been buzzing for some time with word of an eight speed rear wheel drive automatic for commercial trucks and SRT8 cars, with a torque rating said to be over 800 pound-feet. The transmission uses three planetary gearsets, each of which is expensive. Some sources say it is a ZF design, while others say there has been Chrysler engineering; both could be true.

Chrysler will start buying the transmission from ZF in 2012, according to a recent missive, while ITP (Kokomo) tools up to build it starting in 2014. The agreement between ZF and Chrysler is reportedly going to be finalized on May 20 2010 and announced shortly afterwards. The transmission, which will be sold to other automakers such as BMW and Audi as well, should help Dodge to once again be the diesel-power leader and should improve SRT8 competitiveness.