Around this time last year, one of our wonderful insiders reached out to me to talk about two things coming down the pipeline. The first was a new hood for the Hellcat Challenger with a dual snorkel design and the second was a Dodge Charger Widebody. This individual believed that both of these vehicles would debut in the summer of 2018 and while the new hood debuted on the new Redeye, we have yet to see the Widebody Charger.

However, that could change on March 23 rd , as the Spring Festival of LX has announced that Dodge has something special planned for the event, as you can see in the flyer that we included above. It is hard to tell what might be under that red cover, but there is no guarantee that the image above actually shows the vehicle to be revealed under a cover. It definitely appears to be computer generated, but if nothing else, this flyer makes it seem like something very special will debut at Springfest in Southern California.

Now, with Springfest focusing on the vehicles built on a derivative of the LX platform – the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum – it seems likely that the big news would pertain to one of those models. The Magnum is sadly long-gone and with so many Challenger packages being introduced over the past few years, it seems unlikely that the Mopar muscle coupe will be part of the big announcement. That leaves the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Charger, and with rumors that the 300 will soon depart from the shared platform, the Charger is the car that seems most likely to be the center of attention at Springfest. There have been reports that a customized 300 will be on display, but would the company make a big fuss about the debut of a customized car? We don’t think so.

More importantly, it just so happens that at the same time that Dodge appears to be planning to make a big announcement that could pertain to the Charger, the rumors of a widebody Charger package have intensified. Taking that a step further, a handful of people have reached out to us to tell us that they heard that the widebody Charger could make its debut at Springfest in preproduction form. Mind you, that information has no official support, but in the past week, quite a few people have written us to insist that, at long last, we will finally see the Dodge Charger Widebody in the flesh.

If Dodge has something as special as a new, long-awaited model to debut at Springfest, a Charger with a widebody design or a Charger with the standard look and more power (think – Redeye Charger) seem to carry the greatest odds. Of course, the big announcement could be something as simple as a new exterior color or perhaps the big debut is the customized 300, but there is no question that the Charger community really, really wants something new for the world’s baddest sport sedan.

Ultimately, if the big news at Springfest isn’t a Charger Widebody or a Charger will more power – even a little more power – the Charger community will continue to call for something to spice up the lineup. Dodge has done so much with the Challenger over the past two years that has seemingly created potential for similar Charger packages, it comes as a shock to many enthusiasts that the sedan hasn’t seen more love in the way of upgrades, but I believe that sooner or later, we will see some higher performance Chargers.

Hopefully, one of them is revealed on March 23 rd . In any case, Springfest is an incredible event, this year adding a racing program that will bring the quickest modern Mopar race cars from around the country to join the gigantic show crowd. If you love modern Mopars and you can get to Southern California on the 23 rd , we strongly recommend doing so. Even if nothing new debuts from Dodge, the show and racing program will be well worth the travel.