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satellite wiper arms

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the wipers on my satellite dont work. driver side will move but gets hung up on the hood so it stops, and the passenger does nothing right now. the blade on the driver side is just zip tied on cuz the past owner was kinda dumb. i was looking for new arms and i found them but they list as for A bodies. i was wondering if they all fit across the body lines or not? it does look exactly like what is currently on the driver side. ill post the link to what im looking at.

also, do the bushings in those go bad often? is that why the passenger may not be moving? i havent got to take it apart yet do to weather, so im trying to get ahead of the game. thanks for the input guys.
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The bushings do go bad quite often.
I suspect the wiper arms are different (likely in length) or Year One would be selling them for the B body application as well.

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See that's what's strange. I literally haven't found anything different than that. The only weird thing is the connector itself. It attatches and everything but still doesn't work.
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