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82 Imperial, 91 New yorker, 00 Neon, 00 Dak, 00 Ram 1500, 06 Ram 2500, 07 Charger R/T, 22 Ram 1500
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About 2 years ago I saved this 91 new yorker from the junkyard, id like to keep it out still. I got the vehicle without a title and unfortunately the state of VA has made it near impossible for me to get a title for it. Without title, with limited space, and as others say "too many cars" like someone to save this car or use it for parts to keep another on the road but it shouldn't be scrapped. Motor in car has rod knock but came with spare 3.3L. Ive hidden it away in my rented garage to keep it out of the sun next to my torn apart neon but could really use the space, as my wife bought us another ram and I really want my neon back on the road. 😅

Please someone save this New Yorker. I dont have much expense into the vehicle and if you're saving it or saving another new yorker with it ill let it go rather cheap. Dont have great pictures of it but will take better ones if needed for someone. Located near Chesapeake Va, NC line.
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