The CJ-based Jeep pickup was called Scrambler, during the few years when it was sold, so many people believed the pickup version of the new Wrangler would also be called the Scrambler.

Not so, according to some — instead, we should look to the more recent derivative of the XJ Jeep Cherokee, built during the 1980s and shut down after Chrysler took over AMC. (Many Jeep folk say it was to avoid competition with the Dakota; most likely, Chrysler wanted to pump out more of the Cherokees, which had higher profit margins.)

That would make the new Wrangler-based pickup, due next year, the Jeep Comanche — another native-based name, which presumably someone’s cleared with the relevant people. (If you wondered, the Cherokee nation appears to be fine with having sturdy vehicles named after them.)

We still believe FCA has settled on the Jeep Scrambler, but we won’t know for sure until the nameplates or the press release is spotted. Historically, Scrambler is certainly more accurate; but if FCA chooses to build a pickup based on the Cherokee, the Comanche name is always there.