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Searching for Overdrive for 318 mini truck project

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Trying to find out what models carry a over drive transmission that "bolts on" to a 318 block.
I found a 42,000 original mileage Dodge Ram 50 that has been sitting under some trees and it's already got the baby 904 trans and heard that the linkage is pretty much the same for the full size Dodge/Chrysler trannys.
BUT, don't know for sure.
The Rear is a 3.54 open that (hopefully will find a LSD) came stock with 26" tires. So you see why I'd like to have the Overdrive.

Thanks Errol

P.S.-- If anyone has a 86-88 Dodge Raider rear axle and wants to sell the LSD from it let me know.
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Well, you're lucky that the first generation overdrives will both bolt up and can be made to shift into overdrive. That would be the original A500 and A518, also known as the 42RH and 46RH. the "H" is the important part, as the later 42RE and 46RE were electrically controlled, while the "H" models are hydraulically controlled.

I'm not 100% sure of the years, but definitely the earliest throttle-body units will work.

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Thank you so much for a quick reply..
Do you know the models to look out for?
(I know you stated that you're not sure of the years but, early 90's maybe?)

I'm just getting into Dodge Chrysler so you're NOT talking of the 'lock-up' ones right?


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You definitely want to avoid 1996 and later vehicles as they will be the electronic versions. You probably will be OK with any 1995 or earlier Dakota or full sized pickup for a donor. First year for the 4 speed auyto was 1988 (and only with the 3.9 v6 for the Dakota). The Dodge vans are also another place to look but some of them kept the 3 speed longer.
This thread has some info and a link to ID the RE version:

Avoid a Jeep transmission unless the relocation of the starter to the opposite side is not an issue.

The lockup and OD are both electronically controlled on the RH transmission and you'll need to wire those up. But the basic 1-2-3 operation is hydraulically controlled on the RH transmissions. You need a bit more floorplan clearance for the OD trans than the 904.
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