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Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and need some sound advice, I can't seem to get the 2.5L DOHC V6 in my Sebring convertible to time up right.
I set #1 cylinder on the compression stroke all marks line up but the distributor rotor points to #6 on the cap.
If I rotate the cam that the rotor turns with to the right the rotor lines up but the cam gear will be out of time, I set #1 cylinder with a compression gauge then used a wooden dowel to set TDC, does anyone know why the gear that turns the rotor is out of time with the rotor.
If I'm on the compression stroke of #1 cylinder (135 ) is under the plenum in this order L to R , then the rotor should fall in place after lining it up on #1 on my cap.
Help if anyone knows why this isn't lining up?

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Welcome to Allpar. A service manual with good pictures is your most useful tool for this. If everything looks like the picture, you should be OK to fire it up.
The #1 cylinder is on the rear bank against the firewall and the one towards the passenger side strut tower. The distributor cap and wires to the plugs should look like this here: 55316_cloudfiring_2.jpg
The belt timing marks should look like this: http://ww2.justanswe...timing_belt.gif
If the distributor was removed or replaced, might it have been re-installed 180 degrees off? Is it the original distributor and cap? Did you just replace the timing belt or replace anything else that might have changed timing?
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