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Sebring cam out of time

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Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and need some sound advice, I can't seem to get the 2.5L DOHC V6 in my Sebring convertible to time up right.
I set #1 cylinder on the compression stroke all marks line up but the distributor rotor points to #6 on the cap.
If I rotate the cam that the rotor turns with to the right the rotor lines up but the cam gear will be out of time, I set #1 cylinder with a compression gauge then used a wooden dowel to set TDC, does anyone know why the gear that turns the rotor is out of time with the rotor.
If I'm on the compression stroke of #1 cylinder (135 ) is under the plenum in this order L to R , then the rotor should fall in place after lining it up on #1 on my cap.
Help if anyone knows why this isn't lining up?
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