Brian Williams has captured another Jeep Wrangler Pickup , which we’ll go out on a limb and call the Scrambler, driving around Auburn Hills.

jeep truck

The tailgate looks fairly traditional, killing rumors (which we hadn’t heard) that it would copy the Honda Ridgeline, a car-based pickup which is pretty far from the Scrambler.

Two years ago, former Jeep engineer Bob Sheaves, knowing the limits of the Toledo Supplier Park, suggested that the overall length would be severely limited; the frame is likely to be borrowed from the four-door Wrangler Unlimited. Simple marketing and cost savings bring the conclusion that styling will be the same in front.

While the Wrangler will have three engines (gasoline V6, turbo-2-liter gasoline hybrid, and presumably a diesel), the Scrambler may be more limited, given its smaller projected sales; or it may have all three anyway.  In some markets outside North America, a diesel could well be the only powerplant.

The automatic will be the usual eight-speed; we don’t know if there will be options for a stick or rear-wheel-drive.

The plant has just closed down for renovations, so don’t expect a Scrambler any time soon. Chances are, testing will have come to a close before the plant reopens for full production sometime in 2019.

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