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Seeking advice for ECM/PCM on my new to me 2006 Magnum RT AWD

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I just picked up a 2006 Magnum R/T with the same issue. Really surprised this is so hard to figure out given the age of these cars, frequency of the issue, and the fact that there is a forum community out there. ( If there was a definitive post on this / FAQ etc I missed it)

I am planning on trying to get a 2007 PCM/ECM core i purchased to get reworked for my 2006. Some say this wont work but I don't see why it would not work....Seems like they changed the design for the PCM without changing the rest of the car..... and I'm guessing it was due to all the trouble they were experiencing since the car was not redesigned until 2008.

From what I have read I think Solo in FL might be a good place to try for a refurb.

Solo PCMS PCM ECM ECU Engine Auto Computers
Solo PCMS is a provider of PCM, ECM, ECU, and Engine Auto Computers

Unless I learn something else that's where I plan to go with mine next week after the holiday.

Any advice on if Solo is the right reburbish place? Also wondering if there is any way for we to configure this my self or go to an independent shop to have that done. Seems like a real scam that these are locked to the vin with no way to do it your self on a car that is more than 15 years old with an active hobby community,

If there is a good definitive thread on stalling / cutting out while driving on the highway etc please point me there. I have an OBD2 code reader and its pointing to lost communications so I think this is the proper next step...
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'Loss of communication' fault codes aren't necessarily because of a failing PCM. Comm codes usually begin with the letter 'U'.
What code(s) are you getting?
Really appreciate the prompt reply. I left the car at my folks since it was running poorly I reached out to get the codes and will post back when I have them. If it helps with common causes the car cut out over a dozen times over a relatively short hour drive....The car is very clean ( was stored in doors so the electrical connections I have inspected thus far look really good and the car shows about 80K on the odometer).

PS- I like your profile picture. My grandmother used to have a 4 door imperial from around that time frame.
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Welcome to Allpar. Always diagnose first. 'Loss of communication' fault codes aren't necessarily because of a failing PCM. Comm codes usually begin with the letter 'U'.
What code(s) are you getting?
Codes are as follows filed under "Transmission Control Module Codes":

U0100 Lost Communication with ECM/PCM ( My OBD2 App implies this is frequently harness or ECM/PCM thus my plan to refurb a 2007 Core I picked up for the car).
U1408 Implausible Brake Signal

Also for HVAC I am getting:
B10A5 Blend Door Control Circuit Open
B10AC Right Blend Door Control Circuit Open
Any FCM (front control module) or CAN C faults?
The TCM is separate module on a NAG1 transmission?
Just those 4 faults. I'm using a bluedriver OBD2 reader I got off of amazon. Pretty slick unit but I'm still figuring it out. I think I can monitor traffic there if I knew what signals were of interest and what they should be reporting.

This is a new car to me but I know the ECM/PCM is not populated for the transmission control port. These AWD Magnum cars ran a Mercedes 4matic transmission /transfer case with their own control unit as I understand it.
No idea why people still think this is a Mercedes transmission, probably the same people who think the cars were simply re-skinned E Class sedans.
I think many including myself misread Car and Driver
"The system dealing out the power in the Magnum is similar to the latest 4MATIC system available in most Mercedes sedans and wagons. A transfer case near the passenger's footwell next to the transmission sends 38 percent of the power to the front wheels and the remaining 62 percent to the rear. Unlike many active all-wheel-drive systems that can send power back and forth depending on the need, the Dodge doesn't vary the torque split in the driveline. But it does employ traction control at both ends to limit wheelspin."

The transmission is a common design with Mercedes but not a common P/N Right? If that is true do you know what is different other than SW? ( IE Bellhousing etc)

Was the Magna-Steyr transfer case derived from the Jeep technology?

PS-Thanks for setting me straight. I am new to these cars and still learning a lot.
I got my new to me 2007 ECM today and I plan to ship it off to solo as a good core for rebuild / refurb. Fingers crossed that is my issue....
So I called Solo today and they:
1) Wanted to know what the codes were on ECM for refurb
2) Told me they didnt want to work with an 07 ECM for a 06
3) Told me their repair warranty is only good for 1 year.

Called the local dodge dealer and its $155 to attempt to reconfigure my new to me 2007 Magnum ECM for this 2006 car . The Tech went on to stress grounds and electrical connections under the dash ( Power distribution box) are frequently culprits for stalling / not starting.

So now I am leaning towards cleaning grounds and electrical connectors followed by a trip to the dodge dealer to see if this new to me 2007 ECM just works ok out of the box. Thoughts on this plan?

The tech also mentioned that the connectors could be tightened (This sounded risky and involved trying to adjust pins in the harness end) . Are there any good posts on what connections to clean and how to check harness connectors? Anything on youtube? Just looking to see what I can learn before I reinvent the wheel.

PS- From what I could find on the forum I think my car has the following grounds:

G100 Left Front of Engine Compartment 4
G101 Right Front of Engine Compartment 7
G102 Right of Engine Compartment 6
G104 Right of Engine Compartment 14, 17, 22
G105 (2.7L/3.5L) On Engine Near T/O for Ignition Coil No. 5 N/S
G105 (5.7L) Rear of Engine 22
G106 (2.7L/3.5L) Left Side of Engine 18
G106 (5.7L) Rear of Engine 22
G107 (3.5L) Right Side of Engine Near Generator N/S
G108 Left Side of Engine 18
G200 Left Instrument Panel Near T/O for Ignition Switch 30
G201 Right Instrument Panel 30, 38
G202 Left Instrument Panel Near T/O for Cluster C3 30
G300 Below Left B-Pillar 40
G301 Below Right B-Pillar 41
G302 Right Front of Cargo Pan 52
G303 Right Rear Cargo Pan 65

It would be amazing if there was a video or post with pictures of all these locations....
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Ok so I drove out to my parents where I have the car parked until I have it sorted out enough to daily drive it and Followed advice on cleaning grounds. I got many of them done but I still need to do the grounds on the engine and possibly some in the cabin as well.

Here are some example before and after.
Hood Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle door Motor vehicle
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire Fender
Automotive lighting Wood Motor vehicle Helmet Auto part
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I pulled the airbox to do the ground near the drivers side head light. While I have a little more room I installed a new set of spark plugs. They all seemed fine and looked like they had been in there a while. I did find one plug to be lose when removing and it was loose enough to have evidence of air escaping. I'm sure it will be a little happier with a new set of plugs that are all fulling installed ( Tight).

I also did all the grounds and batter connections in the trunk. I have never seen a negative battery cable ground just go straight to the unibody and nowhere else. I made sure to clean that cable well and assure everything had dielectric grease on it. I'm not sure if this is in fact my problem but even if its not it seems like really good preventative maintenance to do.

As far as the engine grounds go are some of them easier to access from under the car?

Finally thanks for all the help thus far. I'm new to these cars and it would have taken me a while to think about starting here...
Wood Insect Hardwood Metal Natural material
Gas Metal Auto part Engineering Tool
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So I just wanted to check back in an report that I did all the grounds I could find to include one on the back of the bell housing ( Did with the car on a lift) and have started driving the car again and for the limited driving thus far the care seems to be driving great ( Fingers crossed)

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust Hood Automotive fuel system

My after photo is fuzzy sorry about that ( I did notice until after I was wrapped up)

Gas Automotive tire Auto part Automotive fuel system Pipe

I also did air filter ( WIX), PCV Valve, and an oil change with Pennzoil Ultra Platinum , Lower control arms in the front and a 4 wheel alignment.

I will report back on this thread if the issue does not stay fixed for a while...Trying to get the car buffed and ceramic coated this weekend. Really looking forward to getting some miles on this "new to me" car.....

Thank you so much for the help!
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Ok so after a week of trouble free driving the car cut out three times on a short drive yesterday. One of which was with the car warmed up (I was back from the errand) and I was just sitting in the car idling in my driveway ( flat add level) and not touching anything ( brake etc). The car also threw a code the last time in the driveway that it lost communications with the ECM. So while I think the ground cleaning was worthwhile for a car this old, I think I will be pulling the ECM today and shipping out to that place in Florida at the start of this post.

If you guys feel there is a better place to send the ECM please let me know. I just need to know that I have had that looked over / refurbished.....

Thanks for the help on this journey.
Yes same as post 6.

So the other option I am thinking about is a guy near me selling at 2007 MAGNUM 5.7 ECM programed to my car for $100. Any thoughts on a used part over refurb? ( Used part is $200 cheaper and local so I am back up sooner) Just unsure how foolish it may be to play with an old ECM in hopes of saving money/ getting back up faster......
So I got my 2007 ECM and it appears to be a much heavier and better made part. I got it in the car and it ran fine around the subdivision for 10 min or so. Looking forward to getting some miles on it (and assuring that the stalling gremlins are now behind me fingers crossed). Here are some pics of what I took out versus what went back in,

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Automotive exterior Audio equipment Gas Bumper Electronic device

From what I can tell Dodge added a lot of content / robustness into the newer design. Typically cost comes out as the models progress so I am assuming that there was a need for better part this time....

Really grateful to the help on this forum sorting out my first Dodge and I hope the detail on this post helps others.


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Just closing out this thread. I have a couple of weeks on this ECM and would recommend this path to others reading this thread....
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