Are you seeking to figure out the future of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram at Stellantis? Here’s a brief guide to some helpful threads at Allpar, since the nominal titles often hide important discussions on completely different topics.

First, we have Stellantis Dumps Billion-Dollar Alfa Romeo Giorgio Platform In Favour Of EV Future, which starts with an article claiming that statement is true; and then proceeds on to a more nuanced view, which suggests that Giorgio Global underlies the new Grand Cherokee and STLA Large alike. (The title article is from Forbes but similar stories ran in many publications.) According to an interview in Quattroruote, referenced from the site, Giorgio was indeed evolved and included as Large. The discussion includes a number of arguments and discussions about the nature of platforms.

Imparato: "Tonale in June 2022, all future models will be electrified" goes quickly from the title discussion, which many won’t be that interested in, to reveal the slide showing different platforms, and discussion about the nature of those future platforms; it’s really a must-read for figuring out the tea leaves.

Face lifted Fiat Toro just launched in Brazil discusses the compact pickup situation.

Future Line Ups attempts to slot all the models we have now into the future platforms.

On 4/26 — Hemi Day — devote some time to figuring out where Chrysler is going, since you know where it’s been.