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Self maintenance difficulty of the 4.0L 6spd Pacifica

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I currently have a 99 2.4 Stratus and a 02 2.7 Intrepid. Is looking to buy an 07 4.0L 6spd Pacifica and would like to know the difficulty factor in changing normal wear and tear parts. I enjoy repairing my own vehicle and is pretty good mechanically so before I make the purchase please let me know. How easy is it to work on the 4.0l engine?
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The 4.0L is in the same family as the 3.5L. It has been a good engine for Chrysler and been around in its present form since 1998. The Pacifica is a different beast (CS body) than any other Chrysler vehicle. Some Mercedes influence in the interior and rear suspension, etc.
The Pacifica was highly under-rated and never really marketed well. Which is sad because it was a great wagon.
Get a factory service manual CD if you get the vehicle.
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