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Service Coupon Chaos

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Based on conversations I've had with other customers, we are all inundated with coupons for service items like oil changes and tire rotation. I get them from Ram, from Chrysler and from the dealer. They are apparently sent at random, though some claim to know that I'm neglecting to service my Ram (I'm not).

I've gotten spoiled to the $17.95 oil change and now have a hard time paying more than $20 for one. But the pricing is all over the map - as low as $15.95 or high as $24.95 - and sometimes includes tire rotation or wiper blades. It's hard to understand where the margin lies; if they can do it for $16 one day, why not always?

But I have never paid more than the coupon says, even though the fine print says I might, since I have a Hemi. There's a list of exceptions, but in the nearly two years I've had the Ram (and the previous years I've had the same experience with my PT Turbo and Liberty) it's always been the coupon price.

Today, I asked about the fine print, as it appears to say that a tire rotation is included but the dealer argued that it isn't. I wasn't making a big deal about it, just pointing out that the language isn't clear whether it's included or specifically excluded and they really should clarify that in the future.

And suddenly, they are charging me $6 extra for the Hemi oil change. When I asked the service manager why, the response was "Because we can". And when I asked him it was worth losing my business, he claimed they had always done this but a review of my records proved him wrong. So he then said a new coupon system meant they could "track these charges better".

Can anyone with a dealer comment on whether there is some system wide change in coupons?
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Every time I go in, different people in the service department. I've never met this "manager" before. The only person I recall is the greeter.

They've never tried to push unnecessary service on me, except once insisting I change the air filter for the low low price of $30! I declined, and bought one myself. Of course, my truck has 23K miles on it, so it isn't in their interest to suggest anything.... yet.

My biggest problem is that I don't have another dealer close by.
Just about everytime I go in they "recommend" changing the air filter - even if I changed it the week before.

Define "close by". the nearest dealer to me is 12 miles away and not open on Saturday's (small dealership). My "normal" dealership where I have service work done and where we've purchased our last three vehicles is 30 miles.

We now do free alignment checks, which somehow always find out your wheels are slightly out of alignment and recommend fixing it. Allows us to make up for the underpriced oil changes. There is always a catch, there HAS to be. This is a money making enterprise.
And I have never known a time the alignment wasn't out of spec..........Many shops (dealer and independent) recommend checking and setting the alignment every 6 months.

On oil changes, our dealer has a nice special all the time - 5 oil changes (5 qts & filter - Hemi and Diesel extra) for $69.99. Considering the usual charge for an oil change for my Journey normally runs ~$35 and ~$41 for my Ram, that's not a bad deal.

It is good to build up a good relationship via regular maintenance. If and when you do need a major repair, they may discount the repair bill. I know my dealer has done this when and unexpected expensive repair came up.
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