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At our dealership, we do honor chryslers' coupons if the customer does have one, and usually the dealer assignes the price whether the boys at the desk know it or not. We charge for the extra two quarts for a hemi if you have one, and our normal cost is 26.95. The coupons from detroit sometimes include rebates for us, like the wiper blades allow for a discount on the parts we purchase, however 99% of the time on the get something free, we lose money. As stated by Jeff, they are just to bring you in and make sure your vehicle is ok. We use mopar bulk oil, and even at cost just 5 qts $11.50, mopar filter, another $5... not including paying a Tech ... so if your getting your oil changes for less then $20, they are losing money for sure, and or not using Mopar. Now a days, the average customer cares less actually what goes on the vehicle, which isn't always a good thing. Just my opinion.
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