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Setting a World Burnout Record at Wild Horse Pass, August 2015

by Ray Alexander

GoFast Entertainment hosted an attempt to set a world record for most cars doing a burnout at once - a record currently held by Australia. The Power Tour documented an effort that included 103 cars (Guinness has not accepted it yet). The effort of August 15 had 107 cars.

Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Vehicle Land vehicle

There are a few rules, but one that excludes most of cars on the road now states the vehicle must be rear wheel drive, and spin both rear tires continuously. The burn goes for thirty seconds, and within the thirty seconds, all cars must be spinning together for ten seconds. The burn is brake stand, no pushing against a wall. Some people used wheel chocks. The burnout was followed with drag racing and drifting.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Mode of transport Vehicle

On my drive over, I heard that a man needs to do something stupid every so often just to be sure he is still alive. This should take care of me for six months, maybe a year.

Phoenix was to have record breaking temperatures. The high for the day was predicted to be 117° Fahrenheit. One hundred fifteen was the hottest I saw on the car thermometer. While changing tires, I used every microfiber towel that I had to kneel on, to touch or hold tools or the tires, with a cold wet one around my neck. Exactly how is it a dry heat when perspiration has soaked all of my clothes? A sport drink didn't taste good, my body wanted water. At the end of the burn my car thermometer showed three blanks.

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I am sure the weather caused some to bow out. Christopher Stoner's 392 SRT8 Yellow Jacket Challenger can be seen alongside a deep water blue Challenger. Christofer has named the car "Straight Jacket."

It took entirely too long to stage the cars, and when staged, we were put into a nice straight line. When the water truck came through, everyone near where I was backed up into the water. It isn't a straight line now.

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Transport Photograph Car

The burn went relatively well, my car dropped into limp mode once just past the middle of the burn. Turning off the ignition and restarting fixed that. Several people mysteriously lost all the air from their tires.

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Three retired over-the-road semi tractors were brought in from Colorado, one of them shredded a pile of rubber that burned. It was exciting until the smoke cleared enough to see what was burning. The black one exuded evil, it would have been perfect for the movie "Duel."

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Transport Vehicle Automotive tire

When I got back to my pit space, I found someone was there with a tow vehicle, trailer, and a pretend race car, it was a F-Fo-I can't say that word. The front of his vehicle was against the fence, and I parked directly behind his trailer. We have words. He contended that I can't hold a spot with my tires, tools, fuel containers, and such. I said, "I paid exactly the same price to get in here as you did. I just brought less crap."

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Security was called several times, but never showed up. That speaks volumes, and for my part, they can quit talking. I probably will go back, but it will not be soon.

On my way home the next day, I stopped in El Centro for gas and burned my finger on the key pad. I decided it was best not to lick it.

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