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Severe Shudder

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2010 Charger SRT8 Auto - (Intermitant - oh happy days) When unit is fully warmed up and left parked for about 10 -15 minutes, have a moderate to severe shudder (occasionally) when going from Park to Drive. Lasts momentarily to almost a second and cannot be repeated if attempted again after the first instance. Have had the latest trans update from Chrysler (Quick Learn from Oct. 2012) but no fix. Anybody else?
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Has it ever had a fluid and filter replacement? ATF+4 is the required fluid for the NAG1 (W5A580).
It sounds like a clutch is applying too slowly and causing the shudder until it is fully engaged when the slippage stops.
Slow pressure build up may be from a restricted filter or foamy fluid (sometimes an air leak where the filter o-ring attaches to the valve body allows air to mix with the ATF). Sometimes the filter sealing o-ring gets left off or dislodged during a fluid/filter service. That 10-15 minutes would allow the pump to partially drain, but maybe not lose prime.
Low fluid could do this, but that would be more likely a cold problem more than a hot problem.
If you service this yourself use dipstick 9336A with a fluid level temperature correction chart. (It can vary ~1" per 100 deg F).

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Thanks for the info. Unit is "still" under warranty. During Oct. dealer inspection, I attended the car after pan removal. The mechanic had opened one filter for inspection and I observed nothing unusal either from the filter or in the bottom of the pan. Had both filters replaced and fluid topped up. Have had only one incident since and shudder was minimal. Unfortunately, the unit is parked for winter and will not be out on the street 'till the roads are dry. Will offer your suggestion to dealer for consideration.
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