The FCA shifter recall, which affects over a million cars, has begun in earnest, as letters have been sent to customers asking them to visit their dealers. All the recalled cars (Chargers, 300s, and Grand Cherokees) have the eight-speed automatic and a “monostable” ZF shifter that springs back into a neutral position after shifting.


The recall is designed to stop people from leaving their car in gear or Neutral when it is running, a surprisingly common issue even with traditional column and console shifters; a software update, it essentially puts the car into Park when the driver’s door was opened and the car is stopped, or  warns the driver if it is not ( see how it works ).

The company dropped this shifter in 2015 on cars, and in 2016 on the Grand Cherokee; FCA is facing a lawsuit and has been publicly associated with a celebrity death  though other companies have used similar shifters, and there have been many similar deaths with traditional shifters.