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Shifting a 2007 Grand Caravan 41TE

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Hello and thank you for your replies. I recently purchased a 2007 GC and would appreciate some insight on how to shift it properly. The gear selector display is PRND3L. The manual states the usefulness of these gears, i.e., towing and hill descent, however it does not say how or when to shift into these gears. Can you shift from L to 3 to D, or D to 3 to L while the car is moving? What about shifts into Neutral? It does state shifting from P to R and from Neutral to Drive gears should be made under idling engine speeds. Has anyone experienced damage to the transmission from manual shifts?
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Yes, but you should really only use Neutral in emergencies or when stopped. You downshift from D to 3 or L to go up very steep hills, and you can do it while going downhill. See your owner's manual for full details before doing it.
Not sure why doing all that shifting///.....The most I did with my caravan was to put in third gear when driving in very hilly terrain.
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Can you shift from L to 3 to D, or D to 3 to L while the car is moving?
Short answer is Yes you can shift the range selector in those stated positions while the car is moving, however the computer is still going to determine the shift pattern and what gear will be safe for the engine speed.

Example: Driving at 20mph and moving the selector to L you will most likely get 1st gear, but if traveling at 40mph you most likely get 2nd gear.

Typically on the 4spd Trans the D is for all forward gears, 3rd is for 1-3 gears basically to lock out the overdrive for hilly conditions/towing situations. L would be for low speed steep hills and such..

Hope that helps
It makes sense that you would be able to shift while moving, oddly this was not mentioned in the manual I have. It is good hear that it is computer controlled, hopefully that will prevent any damage from happening while shifting on the fly. I do have some interest in towing, so this is helpful. Thank you.
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