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We have to remember that "worst in class" doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad car. Midsize is a highly competitive segment.

Let's not forget, we ALL have the tendency to correlate long-in-the-tooth with "bad choice." With the few exceptions (Miata, Accord, etc.), the car that came out the latest is always assumed to be better. And the Avenger is getting quite old.

The Avenger is a spectacular value! Lots of car for the price. I'd definitely consider the refreshed Avenger. But why is it such a spectacular value? Because the demand is elsewhere...looking for the Mazda 6, Accord, Fusion, Sonata, and Optima. All cars that win over the Avenger in comparisons. Pricing doesn't change the car.

My point is that the Avenger is not a bad car by any means. However, the competition is tough and fresher. It's a little sensational to call this article sensationalism.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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