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Sounds like you really need a front end rebuild, which you could do yourself and simply take her down and get a front end alignment afterwards. The rack and pinion replacement is very easy and can be done with a rebuilt unit for a little more than $150, it only has six connections, the two fluid line connections, two center bolts and the two tierod ends and only takes about an hour to do, don't even have to jack the truck up to do. Brakes and rotors will be about $200 and is easy to do, Pinion bearings are a hassle, so wipe them clean, check the front and rear end oil level, they may not be leaking badly, the oil is pretty thick, see how much they are leaking. A whole front end rebuild kit for the balljoints, tierod ends, bushings, all for one price is a lot cheaper than individually, someone to give you a hand would be an easy and fun job for the day, Brakes are important, the leaking rack should be first, brakes real close second (or vice versa), because leaking fluids like to wreak havoc with rubber parts, excess dirt collecting in it gets to be a mess. The truck is probably worth the rebuild, to which it would be good for at least as many miles she has on her now.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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