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SI-EVT Transmission Question

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All Par Nation...I was hoping you could help me answer a question I had.

Is the SI-EVT Transmission that is produced at Tipton Transmsision plant in Indiana and used on the Pacifica PHEV (Windsor Assembly) the same transmission that is being used in the Grand Commander PHEV (China only vehicle). If yes, does Tipton produce this transmission and send it to China for Grand Commander assembly plant?

Both the Pacifica and Gran Commander are FWD SI-EVT's, but the Pacifica PHEV uses a 3.6L V6, while the Grand Commander uses the 2.0L I4.

Also...Pacifica PHEV is FWD only, while the Grand Commander is available in FWD or AWD, which leads me to believe that these are two different transmissions. Curious why Stellantis would have two similar low-volume applications for FWD PHEV platforms.

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That would make sense. The GC only offers the 2.0L turbo with the Si-eVT (single input-electronically Variable Transaxle). The standard 2.0L NA gets the conventional 9-speed, which can be had as FWD or AWD versions.
Although slightly different in the parts illustrations, they appear to be the same transaxle.
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K8 would designate a Jeep Grand Commander:
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