FCA discovered that “certain” 2011-13 Dodge Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokees had developed silicon deposits on their fuel pump relays, preventing the engine from starting or stalling once they’re running. The problem affects roughly 650,000 vehicles around the world—528,594 in the United States, 34,764 in Canada, 18,152 in Mexico, and 116,511 outside North America.

The recall, as usual, provides an interesting look at FCA’s sales of particular vehicles. The Durango and Grand Cherokee don’t seem to sell as well in Canada (compared to the US) as other former-Chrysler vehicles, but sell far better outside North America than normal. That can likely be attributed almost entirely to the Grand Cherokee.

Affected customers will be advised when they may schedule service, which will be provided free of charge; some vehicles’ relays may already have been replaced in a past recall. Those with questions or concerns may call 1-800-853-1403.