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Simple question - A670 filter gasket

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I have a 1988 Voyager, 3 spd, A670 trans, 180,000 miles. Doing a fluid and filter change (Van is seldom used and after a long time sitting mostly idle tranny was reluctant to shift into third - added some Seafoam conditioner, drove ~10 miles and it started to shift into 3rd OK, then I'm changing the filter and fluid). The filter gasket appears to fit around/over two screws in the valve body, but holes in filter are a bit smaller than screw heads - do screws need to come out, gasket installed and screws put back in? Or is OK to leave screws in and depend on filter pushing gasket over/around screws ? (I noticed on another post where someone complained about gasket installed by AAMCO being "dimpled over screws"? The old gasket was not being held in place by the screws, it came out stuck to the old filter.

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Thanks for the reply Allan. After I posted I looked at the old filter and it looked like it had just been pressed against the screws so I'm probably fine, but my general tendency to worry and the other post got me thinking I might have made a mistake (I'm a retired engineer and have been accused of over thinking things....). Yes, you're right, held in by to torx screws.

thxs again.
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