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Slamming a D150 and bump steer

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Hello. I have a 1990 D150 that is both my daily driver and project truck. I threw away the 3.9 and dropped in an LA 360, and now I want to lower the truck. The problem is the automotive aftermarket seems to offer almost nothing in the way of mods for this truck, which seems odd since Chrysler made them for 21 years! My plan is to use the van lower control arms and the heavy duty coil springs with one coil chopped off. This should drop the truck by about 5 inches. I have heard some rumors about using heavily modified Dakota drop spindles, but can't seem to find anyone who's actually used them. I know I'm going to have to move my upper control arms to restore suspension travel and camber, and what I'm trying to figure out now is steering. Does anyone know how to overcome the bump steer problem? Does anyone make a raised center link, offset tie rod ends, or a set of modified pittman/ idler arms? Are there any factory parts from other vehicles that would be suitable?

Thanks for your input,
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A friend of mine actually had a blacksmith make adjustments to his steering knuckles on his '72, but his were for the purposes of correcting the Ackermann geometry to make the tires not scrub like they otherwise tend to. So, you probably can have things tweaked on if you need to, though you'll have to figure out what the new parts will need to be or else go with trial-and-error, a painful proposition for swapping parts on a vehicle like this.
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