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I recently replaced my right sliding door lock actuator on a 2016 T&C

After getting it
all put back together I have 2 issues -
When using the FOB or switches the door will not close 100% it will close but the rear latch won't pull shut. I've determined that if I pull the exterior door handle cable off it will close 100%.

Different issue, created by the same problem - I can manually open and close the doors with the handles but when I do it won't engage the power. Again when I disconnect the exterior door cable and open from the inside using the interior handle it will engage the power.

I'm including a few short clips of it that I posted on you tube. Easier to watch than explain in text.
Exterior view not closing keyfob

Interior view not closing

Works when I disconnect this exterior handle cable you can it close when I pull the cable
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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