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Smells like hot wiring.

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When I cranked my 2000 Gr-Vgyr friday night, I got the unmistakable smell of frying wires in the car. Everything worked and kept going so I drove it home and forgot about it. Over the weekend it was fine. First thing when I cranked this morning, same smell, -possibly worse.

So, where is a good place to start looking for my problem? I know Chrysler had a problem with frying wiring in the steering column due to defective ignition switches but that was short-lived and I am pretty sure it occurred in the very early '90's.

Two other things that may or may not be material:

1. I just had a headliner installed about 4 weeks ago.

2. This is not the first time I encountered this smell. One winter night about 3 years ago the same thing happened but while idling near the conclusion of a 500 mile trip. Nothing came of that occurance. the only thng in common in all 3 occurances was that the driver's door was open when the smell started.

I know this has to be something. There is no denying the smell of burning wire insulation and/or plastic connector melting. I just don't want the thing to catch on fire while I am driving it down the road.
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I'd suspect the ignition wiring in the column as you suggested.
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