According to the Livingston Daily Press , Mike Copeland has purchased the Arrington Performance, a highly reputable, Mopar-only car builder and parts maker.

Arrington Racing was Chrysler’s engine development center when they went back into NASCAR racing in 2001, and remain a premier Hemi and race engine supplier.

Mike Copeland and his son Brad own Diversified Creations, whose custom cars have been featured on television. He will move Arrington to a leased 8,000 square foot space in Genoa, Michigan, two doors down from Diversified Creations, and expects to be running in the new location by the end of next month.

“A few” of Arrington Performance’s 22 employees will be moving to stay with the company; he will add eight positions, as well. Diversified has seven employees. Copeland said that Diversified Creations spans the gamut from racing cars to off-road trucks, from 1930s carburetors to modern fuel injection. Diversified works with other local shops to build parts.

Diversified Creations sells parts and works on a wide variety of vehicles, including hot rods, classic cars, and trucks.

For the full story, see the original article at the Livingston Daily.