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For anyone who lives in Illinois someone junked a nice 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z, body looked nice and on the side of car said ran and drove. I seen this car before was owned by older guy. Don't know why it got put there, I imagine someone would have bought it no matter what just the body alone was a good foundation floorboards and everything was solid.

They will not sell the car whole, so I post this for those of you who may live in Illinois the car has rear window louvers still intact as well as the whole engine, turbo, drivetrain, no wheels, all interior pieces, and they put on car directly on top of the roof crushing the roof, doors seem fine though, ground effects are destroyed from it being lifted back there. Rear bumper cover is imaculant, still says turbo z on it it is a rose red with silver bottom car...

here is the yard

The place is called Southwest autosalvage it is located

3451 S State St
Lockport Il.
(815) 723-6878

Hope someone gets these parts, I would but don't have a Turbo Z yet or know if I will I am knee deep in another project car, but would have bought this one had they been willing to sell it, unfortunately they are not and do not want to discuss anything to do with it unless you are inquiring on parts from it.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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