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MoparNorm said:
In keeping with out latest theme of harmony, it should be noted, the "secluded place" is in the largest metropolitan area of Nebraska, Greater Omaha. Omaha is a modern and fast growing city.
Omaha is larger than Cleveland, Miami, Minneapolis and St. Louis.
It might surprise our eastern friends to learn that of the 10 largest US Cities, 7 are West of the Mississippi River. The fasted growing cities are all in the West, the fastest declining cities are all in the East. Of the 3 fastest growing Eastern Cities, one, Atlanta, is in the Southeast, and one Indianapolis, is in the Midwest, so most of the nations growth, is in non-traditional regions.
The times, they are a changin...
We'd be growing even faster, but too many transplants spontaneously combust in their first summers to qualify as residents...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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