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Sour smell from heating vents,intermittenly,Also other questions

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Hey out there,I have a 2007 Pacifica 4.0litre with 88k kms on it.Well maintained.Every once and awhile
there is a sour rotten egg odor coming from the heating/cooling vents.It lasts about a minute then it's
gone and might not happen for a couple of months.I've checked for leaks around the engine and the
firewall,everything looks fine.I've checked the oil and coolent,again they look fine.
On another item here,I'm planning on replacing the sparkplugs and I understand that I'll have to remove
the intake manifold for access to the rear plugs.I was thinking of getting the manifold checked and
machined,if need be.I'll also be installing new gaskets.At the sametime I'm thinking of doing the front
rotors and pads.Should I stick to the original solid type of rotor or use the drilled and grooved type.
Do I need to turn down the rotors or can I just wash them and install them.I've heard that if you buff
the new pads in a circular motion with 200 grit sandpaper that it will prevent the pads from glazing.
But I've also heard that if I don't turn down the new rotors that glazing and squeaking will occur.So
I quess if I don't have to machine the new rotors than I'll be fine doing them myself,if not then off to
the breakshop we go.
I appreciate any suggestions and happy motoring
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If the car came with a cabin air filter, you may want to check it. Lay down newspaper and be prepared for junk to fall out when changing it. There are Febreeze, HEPA and activated charcoal filters available.
If there is no filter, the evaporator may have collected tree debris, etc which is now rotting from the moisture and growing fungus. You may be able to do a visual inspection by removing the glovebox and the evap temp probe grommet. Avoid pulling on the probe wire as it is fragile.
You can usually reuse the rubber intake seals when changing the spark plugs.
Standard rotors with a premium ceramic pad set work for me. Other than cleaning the shipping wax off the rotors and lubing the pad bracket-to-ear mounting surfaces, you should be OK. If the kit comes with new anti-squeal/rattle clips, use them.
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