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I'm looking for personal recommendations for a vendor/individual who may have a line on hard-to-find MP parts. In particular, I'm looking for an original set of MP headlight covers for an '84 Rampage.

The part#'s for these covers would be P4286820 for the clear, or P4286821 for the tinted version. These are long-since discontinued parts, but someone has to have some sitting on a shelf.

My challenge is to find that person with the parts. I've tried the Google sources, but nothing has shown up yet. If anyone can provide a recommendation for a likely source, I'd appreciate it greatly, and certainly be willing to pay a finder's fee.

The covers I'm looking for must be the original MP items, no aftermarket reproductions will work for what I am doing.

This is for a Land Speed Record attempt, and the parts must be verifyalbe OEM manufactured items.


Steve Menendez

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There's been a guy down here locally who posts here on Allpar as "Marty Mopar", he's had some NOS parts over the years, no idea if he still is in that line of work or not.

There's also been a business called "R/T Specialties" that has sold NOS parts, they also might be a good contact.
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