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Sources for Obsolete/Hard to find Mopar Performance parts?

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I'm looking for personal recommendations for a vendor/individual who may have a line on hard-to-find MP parts. In particular, I'm looking for an original set of MP headlight covers for an '84 Rampage.

The part#'s for these covers would be P4286820 for the clear, or P4286821 for the tinted version. These are long-since discontinued parts, but someone has to have some sitting on a shelf.

My challenge is to find that person with the parts. I've tried the Google sources, but nothing has shown up yet. If anyone can provide a recommendation for a likely source, I'd appreciate it greatly, and certainly be willing to pay a finder's fee.

The covers I'm looking for must be the original MP items, no aftermarket reproductions will work for what I am doing.

This is for a Land Speed Record attempt, and the parts must be verifyalbe OEM manufactured items.


Steve Menendez