Adam Montegue, who owns Spankin Time, was charging a  reasonable $50 per car for dyno-testing.  All four corners of the car were anchored after wrapping protective towels over the alloy wheels.  Several sensors were attached and each car received at least three attempts to demonstrate horsepower at maximum throttle.   There were about fifteen cars signed up.

I had been trying to get an appointment at Spankin Time because my 2006 SRT8 Charger was running too rich.  This provided an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.

There were two Darts, one was a 2.4 L, the other a 1.4 L turbo.  The turbocharged smaller engine outpulled the larger engine by a considerable number. (The 2.4 is rated at 171 lb-ft of torque and the 1.4 at 184, but the 2.4 is supposed to reach 184 hp vs the 1.4’s 160).

Three ladies showed up to get their Challengers assessed.  One  owned a  Hellcat and her husband was along, but it was abundantly clear that it was her car.  One had “Fast Lane Jane” painted on her car.

I saw one appearance mod that I really liked.  The side marker lights were painted to match the car, with “Mopar” left unpainted. [That meant that the lights were still functional.]

This was the first Hellcat that I had seen.  Dodge did an excellent job of hiding the headlight that is actually an opening into the breather box.  The perimeter still lights up appeared the same as the right side light.  The opening could have been bigger.  With the path already provided, I would wager that a lot of them get bigger.

I was perfectly happy with the interior of my car until Ralph Gilles called it “Rat Fur Grey.”  That said, I have two issues with the new interiors. First, the speedo and tach positions are reversed, not a big deal.  I am thankful to be living in an old body, but things don’t perform as well as they did 50 years ago.  The Charger hides speed and a quick glance leaves me wondering am I doing sixty or eighty. The new gauges do not have as much sweep as my 2006, so it would be even more difficult.

The biggest horsepower number for the day was 691, a Challenger with a Procharger; the Hellcat came next, at 637. That's a decent number, since automakers give numbers taken at the crankshaft. That would normally indicate power well above the 707 hp rating, but the ZF is supposed to be very efficient, so reverse-engineering the power at the crankshaft by rule of thumb won’t work. (The rule of thumb would give us 580 horsepower, not 637, at the wheels, from a 707 horsepower engine.)

Adam has good success with Kenne Bell chargers on Mopars.   He has also seen an increase in his Mopar business.