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Okay, so in most of our classic cars, the spare tire sits in the trunk and takes up trunk space, as opposed to sitting in a well or being stored underneath the car. This got me thinking, subsequent to our cars being made the donut spare was introduced. While the donut tire itself is a compromise that isn't necessarily that desirable, the wheel is made just as well as any steel wheel, and if there are tires that fit those wheels that have the same total diameter and circumference (or close enough) to the tires on our cars, we could have the space-saving benefit of a donut-like tire while not messing up our limited slip differentials.

My car has 255/60-15 tires. That's a 27" tall tire, about ten inches wide, with 85" circumference. There are donut tires in the 115, 125, 135 cross section, which is about 4-6" wide. My question is if there are any non-Temporary tires that will fit a 4" wide rim and give me that same 27" tall tire, or very close to it. It would be convenient to use a non-Temporary tire with a very narrow wheel, at least one could keep driving at approximately normal speeds.
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