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Spark plug replacement on 2010 300 Touring with 3.5

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Step by step replacement of spark plugs for 2010 Chrysler 300 with the 3.5 engine.
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Welcome to Allpar. It should be pretty straight forward. If there is a plastic engine cover, it pulls up and off. Each coil unfastens with 2 screws and pulls up with the boot. Replace the plugs with what came out of it or what is recommended on the underhood sticker.
The plugs are platinum and should be good for 100K miles. If you will be doing your own work, you may want to get a service manual.
Thanks for the information. I know how to do the job, Just trying to get all the extra info as to gaskets and what nots to do the job. I want to go into this fully prepaired for eveything. Want to have everythying I'll need so I don't need to stop and run to the store to get parts and find out they will not have for three days.
You shouldn't need more than just the spark plugs. Are you at 100,000 miles already?
We just bought the car and it was a rental. I have a 2005 300 C. I changed the plugs at about 95k and from the trouble that I had, I think they should have been cheched sooner. Very hard to get then out. It seems lkie they were starting to seize up. The new ones that I put in, made sure I put never seize on the threads.
I know on the 2010 300 that I'm going to need gaskits, but I'm not sure which ones.
The 300C Hemi should have 30K Champion coppers. The 3.5L has always had 100K platinums.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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