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Does anybody know where you can get more speed sensor wire from? And does anyone know what wiring harness the wires from my speed sensor on my 85 reliant 2.2L with efi go to (how its travels), what color is the wire? Like if you were to start at the sensor and go. I have about 2 inchs of wire then the rest is gone. Can't find any other wires dangling so i'm trying to figure out where the wires would leave from to go down to the sensor.

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There were originally 2 wires: a Wt/Or wire and a Bk/* wire.
Regular generic 18 or 20 gauge wire would work. If you have a length of old speaker wire, that would be fine. Splice the wires into what you have left and run them over to the connector.
The factory K-car wiring diagrams manual would show the harness routing, but that isn't too important, Just overlay it to the existing harness across the back of the engine and secure it every few inches with a tie wrap up to the PCM.
The original wires should still be bundled safely in the harness, but probably caught a spinning axle clamp pinch stub at the rear of the engine and several inches may have been yanked off.
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