Over the past two years, we have showcased the carbon fiber-bodied 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that has been driven by Leah Pritchett to the world record for the quickest modern Demon . That carbon fiber body was engineered by Speedkore and it is one of four Challenger Demons to be reskinned in Speedkore’s sexy carbon fiber. One of the other four has recently been posted for sale on the Duport Registry website from BJ Motors in Texas, giving everyone a chance to own a carbon fiber-bodied 2018 Demon .

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon shown here is car number 0118 and it has just 6 miles on the odometer. It is completely stock, aside from the fact that the composite, steel and aluminum body panels have been replaced with carbon fiber. That is the whole body – the hood, fenders, fascias, trunk lid, quarter panels, roof and everything else that creates the exterior form, shy of the windows.

Switching from metal to carbon fiber trimmed around 200 pounds from this Demon, but having seen two of these cars in person, this modification is as much about the look as it is weight reduction. These carbon fiber Demons look absolutely incredible in the bright sun and they steal the show everywhere they go. This carbon fiber body swap is great whether you want to run quicker quarter mile times or if you just want to draw a ton of attention at Cars and Coffee.

Aside from the carbon fiber body, this 2018 Demon is all-original and it is just about loaded. It does not have a sunroof, but it has the heated and cooled leather-and-suede seats, including the passenger seat and rear seat. This car also has the Harman Kardon sound system with 18 speakers and the storage package.

The only key item that isn’t mentioned is the Demon Crate. This car has the factory button panel (no race fuel button) and the factory passenger’s side HVAC vent, so it lacks the crate items. We would guess that the crate either isn’t pictured and the items in the crate have not been installed. If you are a serious buyer, you should contact BJ Motors in Texas for more information.

Now for the price.

This 2018 Demon is listed at $169,995 and considering that the original MSRP is somewhere in the area of $90,000, some people might find $170k to be a bit too much. However, if you pay any attention to the selling price of Demons, many are being sold at auction in the $125k range with some mileage.

With just 6 miles on the odometer, Demon #118 is still new, while those cars being sold for $125k are used. The fact that it is brand new drives up the price a bit, but the big add-on here is that gorgeous carbon fiber body. Speedkore doesn’t list pricing on their website, but a Demon owner who looked into this conversion told Allpar that it costs around $90,000. Based on a market price of $125,000 for a 2018 Demon, the carbon fiber upgrade will cost the buyer of this Demon around $45,000.

If you are in the position to spend $170k on a carbon fiber Demon, click here for a closer look the sale post on the Dupont Registry website. If you aren’t in the market for a six-figure muscle car, the pictures are a great way to burn some time this afternoon.

Big thanks to Gil for the heads up on the listing!