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Hi there I have a 61 valiant with automatic transmission and I m looking to replace the speedometer cable.
Can someone point me to a good source for this part.
Also what is the trick to removing the plastic gear in the tranny end of the spedo cable with out breaking the
thin metal tab.
thanks greg

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Welcome to Allpar. I always liked this body style.
If the speedometer cable sheath is still good, I have bought the generic Help! cable at the auto parts store to repair them. It is a ~8' length with the tool to crimp square ends on it.
The speedo pinion gear retainer clip is what I am familiar with that can simply be removed from the adapter. The cable core should pull out at the top of the cable without having to remove the gear. Grease it well as you slide the new one back into the sheath.
You might want to find a factory service manual for help with the car.


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