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Speedometer on 95' Dodge Ram truck

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Folks, this might be a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. My boy bought himself a 95 Dodge Ram 1500 Extended Cab truck, and one of the MANY small problems is that the speedometer doesn't work. I called NAPA to find a cable, and they said it was a dealer part (At THIS age? You're kidding...). So I went to another auto parts site, and it seems that there IS no cable, just a speed sensor.

Can I get a little guidance? Which is it?
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It is likely electronic, no cable.
i don't have a service manual to confirm but my bet is on electronic.
Welcome to Allpar. No cable. The speedometer is electronic.
You might try an instrument cluster self-test by holding the trip odometer button in while the key is off, then roll the key on while still holding the button in. Release the button and watch the gauges and lights go through their test. If the cluster has the ability to drive the speedometer needle, it will.
If the speedo is still dead, there may be broken solder joints or bad speedo terminal connections to the circuit board. A fist thump on the top of the dash may get it working again (temporarily) if this is the problem.
It may also be a failed instrument cluster assembly.
If your abs light is also on then I would look at the sensor and or harness on top of the rear axle pumpkin.
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