Chris Chrouch spotted a 2017 Chrysler minivan running under a vinyl appliqué, but giving a fine showing of the brake lights and other details.

2017 Chrysler minivan

The 2017 minivans are likely to be released at the Detroit Auto Show in mid-January 2016, less than one month from now.  Allpar reported long ago that they should include (optional) foot-motion-activated doors, a nine-speed automatic, and the upgraded Pentastar engine; AWD and a hybrid are expected to be late entries.

The spy shots clearly show that the old antenna is being replaced by the “shark fin” or “rocket ship” style, which is not surprising. The rear view mirrors now seem to be door-mounted, though not in the usual “corner of the window” spot.

2017 chrysler minivan grille

Overall, as Allpar predicted months ago, the vans — though reputedly based on the CUSW platform — appear to be around the same exterior dimensions as Chrysler’s current design, if anything having a longer and higher hood. Successful minivans in the US all have roughly similar shapes and dimensions; experiments such as the GM “Dustbusters” and early Odyssey and Sienna have died out from lack of sales.  See the full set of spy shots along with renderings and predictions at allpar .