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Spring Pictures

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They are back from a long winters rest.

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Ain't she sweet !!
They all should look this nice !!
Fantastic for any car, never mind a 31 year old one. I wish my Spirit was this nice. Where did you get the mudguards?
I got those floormats on ebay, you can also find them on a mopar restoration site..I only put them in for show or in this case pictures, I recently Recreated the original mopar oil filter for the 1981 2.2.
Oh, I meant the fender mudguards (mudflaps?).
I have seen those on eBay lots of times, in fact there should be some on there now. I've seen white ones that say "RELIANT" on them, although I'm not sure his say that, I don't remember.

You come across some neat things by searching "Reliant NOS" on eBay.
I hope it's ok I borrow this thread to shear my fresh spring pics as well. Previous week was the first "topless" for this year. It feels soo good after long and cold winter!
Photos on Flickr:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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