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CNG is sensible for fleets, it's cheap and relatively easy. Electric makes sense for "short run" fleets, really, in NYC there's no better powerplant for most delivery and repair trucks (which is why electric delivery vans lasted through the 1960s in Britain).

It's sad that we end up being so monolithic in our buying, when different segments really have different needs. I know there are economies of scale, but often choices of vehicle seem to have "corporate logic" applied, e.g. "We use Windows for accounting, secretarial, and POS, so we should have no Macs or UNIX/Linux boxes anywhere."

Thing is, I'd hope that each powertrain option is chosen due to their practical value rather than to vague unsubstantiated, unresearched thoughts about greenliness. Sometimes what seems green, isn't.

It'd be nice if more decisions were based on rational thought and exploration of facts ... not that facts are always there for the taking. (It drives me nuts when people replace boilers or hot water heaters with "whatever's cheapest," "whatever we had before," "what the utility/plumber/handyman has," etc., not realizing that paying the same amount or $100 more can save them big-time, the first winter/year they have it installed. Then again, when I was at Engelhard, the sales guys had a hard time getting facility managers/owners to shell out more money for capital expense, even though within 3-5 years the catalyst would pay for itself over an incineration system, in reduced energy costs and often by generating industrial steam.)

But yes, this is bad for Ducato, and probably was aimed at Prom Master and Nissan NV-whatever. Mostly Nissan, I suspect, though given the hard feelings, who knows? And here I was thinking Sprinter would be a dead duck within two years. Well, maybe it will be, with Ford coming on-line with their eurovans, GM thinking slowly of doing the same, NV-whatever, and the full Fiat line.
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