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Well, at my work, I think that a modern Euro-full-sized van would probably not go over as well even with many of the more physical trades. The conventional American full-sized vans are short enough in height to fit down breezeways and under overhanging tree branches. In my particular line of work my full-sized '01 Ram Maxiwagon is just a little bigger than I need in telecom infrastructure, and for the computer guys, well, they could work out of something the size of a Neon without any trouble except for the occasional need to move a whole lab's worth of computers at once. For those circumstances I'd leave one full-sized van parked, empty, to be used on an as-needed basis.

I could make-do with a minivan. The ladders would go straight down the inside center of the van and up between the front seats. I'd have shelving behind one of the sliding doors accessed when that door is opened, probably on the driver's side, for all of the small parts like patch cords and connectors and fiber optic transceivers and wallplates and such. I'd store rolls of cable on the passenger's side between the C and D pillars, and I'd have room on the back driver's side and behind the sliding door on the passenger's side for cargo.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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