2019 Ram 1500 DT spy shot
Spy photographer Glenn Paulina wrote:

We may have just gotten a look at the face of the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup , thanks to new camera phone images snapped at a dealer meeting.

The Ram images were on a print-out posted on the wall, entitled “Ram Brand Lit Signatures.”  ... it seems logical to assume that this Ram presentation also shows a truck that currently resides in the future product pipeline.

2019 Ram grille
Judging from Ram truck in these images, the crosshair grille is still alive and well [as Allpar has reported].  The overall grille shape ... looks more streamlined than the face of today’s Ram trucks—perhaps in a nod to the realities of aerodynamic efficiency.  There are still elements of the Ram’s Big Rig hood design, providing a properly brawny pickup truck aesthetic.  The headlights look narrower.  We see a more modern LED “Lit Signature” on the headlamp, with bright lighting elements on the top and bottom of the headlight assembly.

2019 Ram tailgate
On the rear, we see more chiseled surface development for a more detailed tailgate design.  The tailgate has some similarities to the direction taken by Ford on the current F-150.  The tail-lights, and its LED signature outlines the outer edge of the tail-light, with an unlit cut-out in the light signature—likely containing the backup lights and turn indicators.

Notes from the dealer meeting reportedly point to a return of the console shifter on some trim models (consumer clinics have reportedly revealed complaints about the rotary dial shift selector. )
Update: Allpar readers have said that the front image was shown at the dealers’ meeting some time ago. However, it’s still possible that this was an early design study and that the final truck will be different.   See spy shots and more for the 2019 Ram 1500.